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 It is a privilege to attend a demonstration when Anoeska is the medium at the platform. With her Amsterdam humor and her respectful way of demonstrating it is a joy to be present. It can be very comforting for people or even life changing to get a message from a dear one or some advice about there lives.
Mediumship is not a thing Anoeska does. Living with the Spirit World is her way of life. Anoeska lives with them. The last as a metafor of course.

She is often called The Ambassador of the Spirits. She loves to be a medium for the living people at our planet and she really adores to be a bridge between the two worlds for the spirits.  Anoeska is having her own centre now “HemelsWijs” in Holland where mediums can practice there skills, demonstrations are given by Anoeska herself. She is also a very committed coach teaching her students how to be a medium. For her own work she puts up very high standards . Always taking the difficult path to improve herself and the connection with the Spirit World. At a demonstration session she likes to make at least 10 contacts wich is a very high amount to do in one session. Often there are more then one dear ones for a receiver. It is her mission to be a bridge between our two worlds and all in the name of LOVE.
Rebecca Azijnman - Netherlands

Those who recommended Coopman spoke highly about her charming personality, integrity, and professionalism. Some even invited us to visit Coopman in the Netherlands. One voter wrote, "She is an extraordinary medium with a wonderful personality, and the Committee of the Vote should not hesitate to elect her "Lightworker of the Year." Two famous mediums in Europe, and a leading medium in the Netherlands highly recommended Coopman. In fact, Coopman was first introduced to us by a peer from the Netherlands. Coopman did in fact vote for other lightworkers. Add her to the list of honorable and un-selfish lightworkers.
Times Square Press New York

 I had the pleasure of getting a reading by Anoeska Coopman. The evidence she came with was amazing very accuracy and spot on! She told things that nobody could know beside me and the person in the spirit world. For me it is absolutely sure she had a pure contact with the person I love in the spirit world.
R.Dorzon - Amsterdam The Netherlands

 For Anoeska it’s all about love and compassion. The prove she wants to give you, for you to be sure she’s in contact with the spirit off your loved one is outstanding. Just beïng good isn’t good enough for her, Anoeska challenges herself to set the bar higher every time again. It’s not her work, it’s her way of life. Whether in a reading or in personal live, she always wants to give and spread the love. Always keeping her eye on people in need. Once you meet her, you’ve got to love her.
With love, Diane Vos (Netherlands)

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